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Benefits of completing a Pathways to Birmingham programme

Pathways to Birmingham (P2B) aims to support you in learning more about university and accessing degrees at the University of Birmingham.

Although each P2B programme is unique in its offering and the rewards it brings, taking part in and completing one comes with a varied range of benefits: 

  • An alternative offer of study at Birmingham
  • Enhanced funding
  • A glimpse into university life and study including attending academic sessions and meeting current university student
  • Connecting with the other students on the programme as well as university staff and students, and academics
  • Getting vital support with your transition to university through activities like mentoring and bespoke events

Your Pathways to Birmingham offer 

When students successfully complete a Pathways to Birmingham programme and receive an offer of study, they will receive special consideration from admissions tutors. 

The Pathways to Birmingham offer is typically two grades below the standard offer advertised in the prospectus and on website course pages. If your UCAS application is successful, you will receive two offers from the University of Birmingham: the standard offer and a Pathways to Birmingham offer. 

The Pathways to Birmingham offer is conditional upon:

  1. Successful completion of a Pathways to Birmingham programme, and
  2. Making the University of Birmingham your firm choice on UCAS

If you have successfully completed a Year 12 Pathways to Birmingham programme (R2P, Inspired, AEP, or NASS) and received a Pathways to Birmingham offer, you have already met the first condition and therefore only need to make the University of Birmingham your firm choice on UCAS to secure your Pathways to Birmingham offer.

If you have been accepted onto the A2B programme in Year 13, you will need to successfully complete A2B and make the University of Birmingham your firm choice on UCAS to secure your Pathways to Birmingham offer. Your standard offer will not be affected if you do not complete a Pathways programme or if you choose not to make the University your firm choice.

You must submit an on-time application through UCAS and apply to an undergraduate programme or a foundation level programme for Home students at the University of Birmingham.

Examples of the Pathways to Birmingham offer:


Standard offer

Alternative offer










Civil Engineering




Offer information for Medicine and Dentistry applicants

For students entering the University via Pathways to Birmingham, the Medicine and Dentistry offer is as follows:

  • Minimum A level grades of ABB (including Chemistry and Biology, minimum predicted grades BBB)
  • A minimum of seven GCSEs at grade 4 or above. The following subjects must all be at grade 5 minimum and any two must be at grade 7 minimum: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology (or double Science).

Offers are subject to change, please check our course pages for full and up-to-date entry requirements.

Financial support

There is a range of financial support available to students who successfully complete a Pathways to Birmingham (P2B) programme and become a student at the University.

The amount of money you are eligible to receive is based on a range of criteria including your performance on the programme, the results you achieve at the end of Year 13 (or equivalent), and your personal circumstances.

In total, for 2024 entry, students could be eligible to receive up to £3,500 per year of study, jointly funded by the University and philanthropic donations. You will receive further information about financial support once you start your programme.

Current financial support arrangements for P2B students includes the Chamberlain Award of £2,000 per year of study for eligible students, and the P2B Scholarship of £1,500 per year of study for eligible students.

To be eligible for Pathways to Birmingham financial support, you should be classified by Student Finance England and the University as a Home student for fees purposes. You should also be deemed eligible for maintenance support by the Student Loans Company.

View the Scholarship terms and conditions for students who started in September 2022 (PDF, 108kB)

The University of Birmingham also offers a wide range of financial support to students, visit our undergraduate funding page to find out more.