A Place To Call Home Exhibition - Histories of Homelessness

Unhelpful, negative attitudes towards homelessness persist, especially in the media. By exploring stories of homelessness in the past, we can untangle some of the ongoing misunderstandings that exist today.

Introducing Histories of Homelessness

Nick Crowson standing in front of rows and rows of deposit boxes in The Exchange vaults. Text on screen reads: Explained by Professor Nick Crowson

Victorian and Edwardian people experiencing homelessness were unfairly judged by society. They were punished and criminalised on the basis of their personal condition, state of being and economic status. But these attitudes aren’t confined to history, explore the stories below and the impact of legislation that is still legally in use today. 

The 1824 Vagrancy Act

Learn more about the 1824 Vagrancy Act through a blog written by Nick Crowson for the charity crisis

Stories from the past

Learn more about some of the histories of these individuals through this lecture given by Nick Crowson

About the Histories of Homelessness project

Learn more about Histories of Homelessness project through this short introductory video