Planning Your Visit

At The Exchange, we aim to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for all visitors. The information below will help you to plan your visit to The Exchange. Please contact the team if you would like to arrange a familiarisation visit.


There are two entrances to use when planning your visit. The North Entrance, is at the end of Broad Street, opposite the Library. The entrance is accessible by steps and ramp. The doors are fully automated and will open as you approach. There are lots of public transport links to this area.

The South Entrance is located off Bank Court. This is accessible by steps and ramp. The curved door is fully automated and will open as you approach.


As you enter from the North Entrance, turn left, to the end of the corridor to reach the access toilet. This facility has an automatic door. A blue light will be displayed if the toilet is vacant and you can open the door by waving your hand across the light, or touch the pad. If the facility is in use a red light will be displayed.

Once inside, to your right, you will see that you can lock the door before using the facilities. Please pull the red cord if you require assistance and staff will be alerted and come to assist you.

To lock the door, touch or wave across the blue light and this will turn red when the lock is activated. You may be able to hear the lock activating on the door. When you are ready to leave, wave across, or touch the light and the door will start to open. In the unlikely event that this does not happen, please break the emergency door release, the green box, by pushing the black middle button. Please let a member of staff know that this has happened so the fault can be fixed ready for the next user.

Moving around the building

There is lift access to all of the floors in the building. The Exchange is accessible for walkers, wheelchairs and scooters, which we are able to temporarily store if required. We have a wheelchair on site for public use on site. Please let us know in advance of your visit should you wish to use the wheelchair. Assistance dogs are welcome at The Exchange.

If you would like to visit our exhibition on the Ground Floor, please use the double doors, either side of the Banking Hall at the back of the café, and enter the South Entrance. These doors are not automated so if you need assistance, staff will be happy help.


To visit the Café, follow the corridor straight ahead, as you leave the access toilet. Then turn to your right, through the archways, and you will enter the Banking Hall and Café. The Café serve hot and cold drinks alongside a varied menu of foods suitable for visitors with dietary requirements. Table service is available on request.There is a lowered counter on the right side of the Café.

The café has a hearing loop so please look for the blue sign. If you need assistance, our Café fellows are happy to help you. Please let us know how we can assist.

Visiting The Vaults

If you would like to visit The Vaults, from the Banking Hall, make your way towards the North Entrance and there is a lift in the North East corner (the opposite side of the building to the access toilet). If you wish to go to The Vaults as you enter, from the North Entrance door, turn right and through the set of double doors. These are not automated doors.

To get to The Vaults, you can use the stairs or the lift. If you enter the lift and press button B for Basement. As you leave the lift, use the double doors to the left. These are not automated doors and open by pushing away from you. As you enter the corridor, The Vaults are halfway down to your right. There is an incline on the ground, between the rooms, which is very slight, but if you need assistance, there will be a member of staff on duty in this area who will help you.

Also on this corridor is the Changing Places space, its towards the end of the corridor, to your left. This room is accessed with a Radar key. You can ask a member of staff to open this room for you if you do not have a Radar key. Please contact the Venue Services Coordinator on duty.

Medication and medical equipment

You are encouraged to bring any medication or specific items that you will need to use during your visit, in order to manage your medical condition. If you would like to make us aware of this, please inform a member of staff. If you wish to use a private space, to administer your medication, staff will be able to guide you to the nearest available space.

First Aid

If you are feeling unwell please alert a member of staff immediately and one of our trained first aiders will be able to support you.

Quiet space

At times our public spaces will be very busy. If you need access to a quiet space during your visit please ask a member of staff on duty.

If you have any feedback, your suggestions are always welcome, so please contact staff on duty. Email or call the Visitor Services Coordinator on duty +44 (0)121 421 5265.