Personal Skills Award

The Personal Skills Award (PSA) is the University’s award-winning employability programme for our undergraduate students.PSA Official logo

Celebrated by the Association of Graduate Recruiters and supported by a range of graduate employers, the PSA will enable you to develop, recognise and articulate your skills effectively in preparation for graduate employment.

You can participate in the PSA from your first year to your final year, giving you exclusive access to tailored skill development support. We have also designed the award to be flexible, so it can sit alongside, and compliment, your degree programme.

Whilst undertaking the PSA you can take innovative online skill modules designed specifically for University of Birmingham students. There are opportunities to practise your professional skills by undertaking bespoke courses on topics such as leadership, commercial awareness, and presenting yourself with impact. You can attend employer-led skill sessions from our PSA employer supporters, and access a wealth of support from the PSA in preparing you to make internship or graduate application.

We also formally recognise over 200 on-campus extra-curricular activities as part of the award, offering you the opportunity to undertake new experiences, meet new people, and prepare yourself for graduate employment.

Julia Speed, Enterprise Rent a Car, Graduate Recruiter (Employer quote)



"The PSA means that as a graduate recruiter I will be able to meet students who are switched on and engaged, always looking to better themselves and their employability skills to ensure they secure that graduate position upon leaving university."

Ellie Wood, PSA (Advanced) Completer (Student quote)

Ellie Wood PSA student

“I’ve got an enormous amount out of the PSA and I couldn’t recommend it more to future PSA students. I think that something I’ve got particularly out of it is confidence in my ability to present my own employability skills and something that I think is particularly great about the PSA is the support that the staff give you.”

Charlotte Whiting, PSA (Activity) student, second year (Student quote)

Charlotte Whiting PSA student

“The PSA to me means confidence. Coming from high school I had very little knowledge of CVs and how to perform well in interviews. Taking the activity pathway encouraged me to attend events that help you in these aspects of work. I have become more confident in myself and my abilities and have definitely improved in my communication skills. From my new-found confidence and experiences, I have been able to secure a part-time job whilst I’m at university.”

To find out more about the PSA, please visit the Personal Skills Award website.