American and Canadian Studies Year 2 modules

Compulsory modules

‘Yankee Go Home’: Canada and U.S. Relations

This module examines the often friendly but occasionally tense relationship between Canada and the United States. It will consider the ways that two similar yet distinctly separate societies developed on the North American continent. It will contemplate how Canadians define their culture and society in relation to the United States. It will also look at occasional flare-ups between the nations and interrogate a frequently espoused anti-American sentiment by Canadians. Living directly above the world’s most powerful nation, the module will ultimately ask how Canadians have defined themselves as distinct from their southerly neighbour. 

North America in Crisis

This module offers students the opportunity to explore the literature and culture produced in North America during times of ‘crisis’, defined here as moments when the region experiences, or seems to experience, conditions of heightened vulnerability and self-scrutiny (as well as the scrutiny of the global community). The following ‘crises’ may be explored: the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, war (first world, second world, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, drugs, and/or terror), the AIDS crisis, 9/11, and climate change, considering the extent to which art critiques or colludes with its socio-political occasion. Week by week we will ask how North America’s crises have been mediated in literature, culture, and critical thought.

Optional modules (may include) 

American and Canadian Studies options (students choose 4)  

  • The Foundations of the African-American Experience

  • The African-American Experience from 1945

  • Terrorism in America

  • Mass Culture and the Modern United States

  • Digital and Documentary Filmmaking

  • American and World Cinema

  • Aesthetics of Television

  • The Sixties: “Years of Hope, Days of Rage”

  • Twenty-First-Century Literature

  • Rags and Riches: Wealth and Poverty in American Literature and Culture.