The Hannah Bladon Scholarship (Supported by HSBC)

Level of study
Any Undergraduate
Subject area
Theology and Religion
Type of Award
Deadline for applying
Closed 31/05/2021 (Note: competition closed for this year)

Award Description

The Hannah Bladon Scholarship was established in memory of Hannah, a student in the School of Theology and Religion.  This award is kindly supported by HSBC. 

The award is available to help contribute towards a project in the discipline of Theology and Religion. Applications submitted in 2020-21 can only be accepted for projects based within the UK due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Successful scholars must follow the government's latest guidance on restrictions and safety in relation to Covid-19. 

 Examples of projects include:

  • £1000 could cover the fees for a language school to support further study in key theological areas, such as those run by SOAS, or through the University of Oxford and which increasingly include online options.
  • £1000 could pay for fees at a relevant academic conference, and even travel and accommodation where that conference is going ahead in person.  For example, the Society for the Study of Theology’s annual conference is meeting online in April 2021 on the theme ‘Theology of the Borders’. This is a great way to build up expertise for your dissertation, or explore what academic gatherings are like if you’re considering postgraduate study.
  •  £1000 could pay for your costs to travel and study at a particular archive that holds material relevant to your studies.  This could mean support to live in Birmingham for a period over the summer, to spend time in the Cadbury Research Library collections, or to access primary material elsewhere, for example London's British Library
  • £1000 could pay for travel in and around the UK to engage with different kinds of resources for your studies.  For example, if you’re working on art and theology, travel to some of the many significant collections around the UK. 
  • £1000 could be used as a stipend to cover accommodation and living costs for work experience related to theology or religion.  If you’ve hesitated to go for internships because they’re unpaid, this is a good way of supporting you to take up a place, or a prompt to set up your own. 

Value of Award

The award is valued at £1000 towards projects connected to the disciplines of Theology and Religion.

Eligibility Criteria

The Hannah Bladon scholarship is an annual scholarship to support students to undertake a project connected to the disciplines of Theology and Religion, you do not have to be a student within the department to make an application. 

The scholarship is open to any undergraduate student but priority will be given to Access to Birmingham scholars.  

How to Apply

To make an application you need to complete the Hannah Bladon Scholarship application form


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