What to expect at open day

Our open days are the perfect opportunity to explore our campus, to discover what our city has to offer, and for you to speak to current students and our academic staff to find out what really happens when you join our University community.

On the day there are a huge range of activities to choose from. The programme will be published online a couple of weeks before the open day and we will email you to let you know when that happens. You will receive a QR code ticket when you book for an open day, so bring that with you on the day (either on your phone or a print-out – whichever you prefer). When you check-in on the day, you will also receive a printed copy of the programme so that you can plan your day. Registration booths are based at all of the key entry points to campus and you’ll spot our staff and students in bright green t-shirts – you can’t miss us! Speak to any of our staff and students on the day if there are particular places and people that you’d like to see, and we will point you in the right direction and help you to plan your day.

Open days at Birmingham

Top tips for making the most of an open day

Plan your visit – you may already know what subject you want to study, and so check out the programme for your subject and plan which talks and activities you’d like to attend in advance. Our open days are open from 9am until 4pm, and there are lots of opportunities to visit accommodation, to listen to our Welcome talk, to speak to our specialists from student support, student finance, careers, sport, and a variety of other services, so whatever your interests are there will be someone here to talk to.

Speak to current students – there is lots of information on this website, and our prospectus is written by students so you may have already found out what you want to know. But until you hear directly from our students on what their experience is like here at Birmingham, you don’t really know the full story. Take the time to approach any of our students and chat about what life is really like here for them. They will be honest and they were once in your shoes too. Our students also deliver student life talks throughout the day so look out for those in the programme, and you may want to join one of our students on a student-led bus tour of the city of Birmingham.

Explore our campus – Birmingham is a huge campus and there are lots of different things to explore. As well as the things you’d expect (Library, Sports Centre, laboratories and lecture theatres) there are lots of hidden gems and surprises too. We have our own geology museum with a replica dinosaur (great if you’re bringing small children along!), and we have our own botanical garden at Winterbourne.

Harvey, one of our students, has written his own guide to open days.

A student's guide to open days

Explore our city

The city of Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is a melting pot for shopping, food and drink, nightlife, sport, culture, and industry. If you're coming along to one of our open days, and have the time to spare, it is well worth putting aside some time to explore the city during your visit – we think you’ll love it. You can find much more information in the city section of our website, and if you’re looking for somewhere to stay then the University has its own hotel, or you can use the Visit Birmingham website to find somewhere suitable.

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