Hear from international students within Engineering and Physical Sciences


aisha-student-imageAisha, BSc Chemistry

"The fact that the campus is very beautiful, with most facilities within easy reach, makes studying a comfortable experience."  


Mahammad, BEng Chemical Engineering
"University of Birmingham is ideal for an international student wishing to study engineering, especially chemical engineering."  


Hung, BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
"Even outside lectures, students discuss topics of common interest, which may or may not be about class materials. This doesn't just enhance friendships but also knowledge in a fun way." 

anette-martin-imageAnette, BSc Chemistry
"You have so many opportunities to do so many things. There are lots of different societies, sports clubs, and work opportunities throughout the University." 


Lik Soo Student Image

Lik, BEng Mechanical Engineering
"I have found that the professors and home students have been very approachable and helpful in my degree." 


ShuQian, MEng Chemical Engineering
"I love the atmosphere on campus."  

yunxi-shiYunxi Shi, MSci Mathematics
"The modules are well organised and lecturers are excellent."


Ocean, BSc Nuclear Science and Materials
"I studied at the University of Birmingham because it offers the course specific to nuclear science, a subject I have great interest developing in."



Keying, Mathematics with Business Management
“These 3 years during University are absolutely the best 3 years of my life”

Jianhui, BEng Chemical Engineering
"Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham is one of the best in the UK. Besides, the campus is very beautiful."

Julia, MSci Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology
"The University provides a lot of support services for students and creates an environment where I am able to fully concentrate on my studies."

Shi Wei, BEng Materials Science and Engineering with Business Management
"The best thing about studying at the University of Birmingham is the location."