International students in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences

We are home to a diverse and vibrant community of international students who have chosen the University of Birmingham to further their studies in biosciences, geography, earth sciences, environmental sciences, planning, psychology, sport and exercise sciences and physiotherapy. 

Student Support

Professor Jeremy Pritchard explains the current support available to students in the College of Life and Enviromental Sciences.

International students

Students from around the world tell us their favourite things about living and studying at the University of Birmingham.

Some of our recent international students and alumni share their experiences with us below:


Muhammad Nadzmie Bin Zulkifli - Malaysia (MSc Air Pollution Control and Management)

“My favourite thing of being a student in University of Birmingham probably would be the community, the diverse international community here. It makes me feel at home.”


Chanchal Badlani - Phillipines (BSc Psychology) 

“The lecturers at Birmingham have a lot of experience behind them and it's really nice to know that we're learning from people who are experts at the field that they are teaching”


Hao Huang - China (MSc Air Pollution Management and Control)

“The University of Birmingham is known for its strong academic background and other professors in Geography, Earth and Environment Sciences School had a lot of publications and academic rewards, and that’s why I choose the University of Birmingham. ”


Christy Wong Hei Yan - Hong Kong (BSc Psychology) 

“Studying abroad can broaden my horizons”


Nicholas Loh - Singapore (BSc Psychology) 

“Studying something you love is the best way to ensure your time here is one you will completely enjoy”


Ku Nurul Izzah Ku Seman - Malaysia (BSc Psychology) 

“Birmingham is similar to Kuala Lumpur in the sense that different cultures coexisted harmoniously”

 Dongni Li

Dongni Li - China (MSc Molecular Biotechnology) 

“It is difficult not to be influenced by such a great learning atmosphere and this is certainly one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad”


Linus Antlov - Sweden (MSc Hydrogeology)
Hydrogeologist for MWH Global in the Perth office

“[The course] benefited me greatly because it exposed me to all aspects of Hydrogeology, and I can now look at a hydrogeology project and understand the dynamics behind why water behaves the way it does under the ground.”


Yasir Ashraf - Pakistan (MSc Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology)

“The specialist course modules and teaching by academics as well as industrial staff makes my course stand out”


Tatsiana (Tanya) Dudzina -  (MSc Air Pollution Management and Control) 

“...communication and support between the academic staff and students is very democratic which facilitates and encourages innovation, freedom of views and critical thinking.”


Guido Martínez - Chile (MSc in Public and Environmental Health Sciences) 

“...our curriculum includes speakers from different areas of the subject; this means a range of points of view can be learnt for a specific topic.”


Garba Bako - Nigeria (MSc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment) 
Petroleum Technology Development Fund

“I will never forget the cordial student-supervisor relationship here. No wonder the institution has a leading edge in original research.”


Mariam Musa Bubakari- Nigeria (MSc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment) 

I look forward to being a successful occupational health and safety consultant, contributing to bringing about positive change towards employee health and safety.”


Kirithika Raju - Canada (MSc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment) 

The University and course have benefited me by improving my researching, leadership, teamwork, and time management abilities.


Sylvia de la Peña de la Vega - Mexico (MSc Public and Environmental Health Sciences)

I acquired knowledge of environmental protection and I had the opportunity to develop a prevention program for a public health issue affecting my country.


Johnny Lau - China (PhD Psychology) 

“I actually feel quite lucky to be able to use the fMRI equipment here because it's actually very expensive and I think the radiologists and the researcher here are very helpful as well.”


Ioannis Stamos - Greece (MSc Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy) 

“The best part was the learning experience and support I received from my instructors.”

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