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nic-cheeseman-230x230Nic Cheeseman 

Nic Cheeseman is the Professor of Democracy and Director of CEDAR. His research focusses in elections and their manipulation, corruption and efforts to right it, and political ideas and how they shape the world. He has published more than 10 books and 40 book chapters and journal articles, in addition to being the editor of the Encyclopaedia of African Politics and the African Politics and International Relations book series, both with Oxford University Press. Nic regularly shares his research with a wider audience via his newspaper columns, TV and radio appearances and collaborations with policy makers including the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, seeking to break down the barrier between academic research, political debate, and public knowledge.

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Licia CianettiLicia Cianetti 

Licia Cianetti is Lecturer in Political Science and International Studies and Deputy Co-Director of CEDAR. Her research focusses on questions of inclusion and exclusion from democratic policymaking, institutional change, and democratic degradation. She is an area expert in Central and Eastern Europe. She is the author of The Quality of Divided Democracies: Minority Inclusion, Exclusion and Representation in the New Europe (University of Michigan Press, 2019) and co-editor of Rethinking 'Democratic Backsliding' in Central and Eastern Europe (Routledge, 2019). Her work appeared, among others, in Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Democracy, Urban Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, East European Politics, and Nationalities Papers.

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Dr Tim HaughtonTim Haughton 

Tim Haughton is Professor of Comparative and European Politics and Deputy Co-Director of CEDAR. His research focuses on parties, voters and elections in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and especially Slovakia. He is the co-author of numerous publications including The New Party Challenge: Changing Cycles of Party Birth and Death in Central Europe and Beyond (Oxford University Press, 2020). Tim has briefed numerous diplomats from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the US State Department on political developments in Central Europe.

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petra-aldermanPetra Alderman

Petra Alderman is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Leadership for Inclusive and Democratic Politics. The central focus of her research is the question of how power is sustained and reproduced. She has examined this question on a range of issues, including elections, nation branding, environmental leadership and Southeast Asian politics. Within this remit her work has typically concerned authoritarian regimes, but more recently she has expanded her research agenda and interests to also include democracies. Petra is the author of the forthcoming book Branding Authoritarian Nations: Political Legitimation and Strategic National Myths in Military-Ruled Thailand (Routledge). Her work has been published in Geopolitics, Politics, Contemporary Southeast Asia and Asian Studies Review.

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Manoel GehrkeManoel Gehrke

Manoel Gehrke is a Research Fellow at CEDAR. His research focuses on political corruption, inter-branch conflict, the role of money in politics, and on the political economy of environmental degradation, particularly in Latin America. His most recent projects examine politicians’ tactics to subvert accountability after anti-corruption investigations, the consequences of judicial punishment for corruption, and the use of nepotism in political bargaining. He collaborates with NGOs and governmental organizations in Latin America, including the Office of the Comptroller General in Brazil, the Mission of Electoral Observation and the National Electoral Council in Colombia, as part of his research.

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