The Council

The Council is the University's supreme governing body, responsible for the approval of the mission and strategic vision of the University; monitoring institutional performance against plans and approved KPIs; control of assets; finances, estates and long-term business plans; annual budgets and accounts; oversight of HR policy and employment matters; the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor; ensuring that control and accountability systems for all matters are in place and monitored, including risk assessment and conflict of interest procedures.

The Council annually adopts a Code of Practice on Corporate Governance and Related Procedural Matters which sets out the Council's primary responsibilities and provides a foundation for the work of Council and its committees.

Membership 2021/22

The Council has 24 members, two-thirds of who are independent 'lay' members (neither employees nor students of the University). The remainder are academic staff and students.

The Chair of the Council, the Pro-Chancellor, is elected from amongst the lay members. Mr Mervyn Walker is the current Pro-Chancellor.

The membership of the Council for 2021/22  is:

16 Lay Members

     Term of Office
(to 31 July -
unless otherwise stated)
Ms Deborah Cadman OBE   2022
Mr Tim Gardam   2024**
Mr Malcolm Harbour CBE    2022
Ms Rosie Harris   2024
Mr Richard Haywood - Deputy Pro-Chancellor    2022
Mr Steve Hollis   2024
Dame Lin Homer   2024*
Mr Harjinder Kang   2022
Mr Mick Laverty   2021
Mr Anthony Lilley OBE   2025***
Ms Jacqueline Taylor   2022
Mr Richard Swann    2022
Mr Mervyn Walker - Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council   2025
Vacancy x 1 Treasurer    
Vacancy x 2    

* Term of office expires on 28 June 2024

** Term of office expires on 30 Nov 2024

***Term of Office expires on 31 Jan 2025


8 Academic and Student Members

Professor Sir David Eastwood - Vice-Chancellor and Principal  
Professor Tim Jones - Provost and Vice-Principal  

4 Academic Staff elected by and from the Academic Staff Members of Senate:

                                                                                                                       Term of Office
(to 31 July -
unless otherwise stated)
Professor David Hannah 2024 
Professor Helen Abbott 2024 
Professor Una Martin 2023 
Vacancy 2025

The President and one other Student Officer of the Guild of Students:

Mikey Brown - President of the Guild of Students  
Wei-Lun Chen - International Officer, Guild of Students
Secretary to Council

Mr Lee Sanders - Registrar and Secretary 

Terms of Reference

The powers of the Council are set out in the Charter and Statutes of the University. The primary responsibilities of Council in the CUC Code can be summarised as:

  1. To approve the mission and strategic vision of the University, long-term academic and business plans and key performance indicators, and to ensure that these meet the interests of stakeholders.

  2. To ensure that processes are in place to monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the University against the plans and approved key performance indicators, which should be - where possible and appropriate - benchmarked against other comparable institutions.

  3. To ensure the establishment and monitoring of systems of control and accountability, including financial and operational controls and risk assessment, and procedures for handling internal grievances and for managing conflicts of interest.

  4. To delegate authority to the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, as head of the University, for the academic, corporate, financial, estate and human resource management of the University and to keep under regular review how such management functions are undertaken by and under the authority of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

  5. To safeguard the good name and values of the University.

  6. To be the employing authority for all staff in the University and to be responsible for regular review of its human resources strategy.

  7. To be the principal financial and business authority of the University, to ensure that proper books of account are kept, to approve the annual budget and financial statements, and to have overall responsibility for the University's assets, property and estate.

  8. To be the University's legal authority and, as such, to ensure that systems are in place for meeting all the University's legal obligations, including those arising from contracts and other legal commitments made in the institution's name.

  9. To receive assurance that adequate provision has been made for the general welfare of students.

Committees of Council

The four Committees of Council are:

Further information about Committees can be obtained by contacting be contacting the Secretary for the Committee. The Secretary's contact details can be found on the individual web page for each Committee.


The Council currently has five business meetings during each academic year. The minutes of meetings are published retrospectively

Please see the links below for minutes of meetings held 2020/21

30 September 2020

25 November 2020

27 January 2021

22 April 2021


Please see the links below for minutes of meetings held 2019/20

2 October 2019

27 November 2019

29 January 2020

2 April 2020

19 May 2020

24 June 2020


Please see the links below for minutes of meetings held 2018/19

3 October 2018
28 November 2018
30 January 2019 
4 April 2019
26 June 2019

Please see the links below for minutes of meetings held 2017/18

4 October 2017
29 November 2017
31 January 2018
24 April 2018
27 June 2018



Contact Details

Any queries relating to the Council should be directed to:

Mrs Colette McDonough
Assistant Secretary