Moving into University accommodation

Moving into University accommodation can be a busy and exciting time. We aim to make moving in as simple as possible, so that you can feel at home right away.

Booking your room

Booking your room in accommodation is easier than ever, and you will now choose the exact room to suit you.

For postgraduate students, you will be able to choose your room as soon as you have applied for accommodation.

For undergraduate students, you will be invited to book your room once A Level results are out (even if you already have your results or did other qualifications). You will receive an email either on or within a week of Thursday 18 August giving you a timeslot to log in and book your room. Timeslots are randomly generated to ensure everyone has fair access to the booking system. Can't login during your timeslot? You'll get another chance within a week of A Level results day.

Once you've found your room, you will need to pay the £550 Advance Payment to secure your booking. This is an initial payment towards your fees rather than a deposit.

Find out more about booking your room

accommodation passAccommodation Pass

The Accommodation Pass is your comprehensive guide and introduction to living in student accommodation.

Containing all the essential information you'll need during your time with us, it's an important part of your student induction process and every student needs to complete it.

calendarBook your arrival timeslot

After booking your room, and once you've completed the Accommodation Pass, you will be able to choose an arrival timeslot for your new home.

Timeslot options will be carefully spaced out to ensure that only a limited number of people are arriving to campus at one time.

Getting to know your flatmates

The Hall Reps from the Guild of Students run the official accommodation Facebook groups, where you can meet and get to know other students in your halls.

Selly Oak Village

For Battery Park, Bournbrook, Jarratt Hall, The Metalworks, Oak Brook Park, and Selly Oak Court

The Vale Village

For Aitken, Chamberlain, Elgar Court, Maple Bank, Mason, Shackleton, and Tennis Courts

Please be aware that each year we see a number of unofficial Facebook groups and group chats on WhatsApp and Snapchat set up for 'University of Birmingham freshers' or accommodation sites. Be cautious of who you are giving your information to and bear in mind that many of these groups are set up by promoters who want to sell tickets to events.

Look out for the Guild of Students' official stamp which will be included on all their Welcome events.

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