About Decision-making within cells and differentiation entity therapies (DECIDE)

A Marie Curie initial training programme funded by the European Union under the FP7 programme.

The DECIDE Network

DECIDE partners are from the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, Israel, Spain, and the USA. The network combines the research efforts of prestigious universities and research institutes, Poland’s leading governmental Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and two successful biopharmaceutical companies.

Research leads

  • Dr G Brown (DECIDE coordinator) at the University of Birmingham; 
  • Prof R Ceredig at the National University of Ireland, Galway; 
  • Prof A Rolink at the University of Basel; 
  • Prof E Marcinkowska at the University of Wroclaw; 
  • Prof L Chesler at the Institute of Cancer Research, London; 
  • Prof A Kutner (DECIDE co-chair) at the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Warsaw; 
  • Dr S Elliman at Orbsen Therapeutics Ltd., Galway; 
  • Prof N Barnes at Celentyx Ltd., Birmingham. 

The DECIDE Initial Training Network :

The DECIDE ITN brings together scientists who have made important advances in the fields of haematopoiesis and differentiation therapy and has both scientific and therapeutic targets. DECIDE aims to advance understanding of normal blood cell development and why primitive cells fail to differentiate in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). We will use the information gained to develop ways of alleviating the differentiation block in AML and so deliver new agents, including novel vitamin D and retinoid analogues, for use in differentiation therapy. This type of therapy aims to respond to the urgent need to devise milder treatments, especially for older and frailer AML patients.