Frequently asked questions

If you are considering applying or awaiting an offer of accommodation from Birmingham, please read the information below.

I want to apply for accommodation

Is there a deadline for applying for accommodation?

To guarantee your place in accommodation, you must submit your application by:

  • 30 June 2024 (UK undergraduate students)
  • 31 July 2024 (non-UK undergraduate and postgraduate students).

You will also need to submit your application by the above dates even if you’re not eligible for our offer guarantee.

How can I find out my ID number if I’ve lost my offer letter…?

You can contact Student Living using our ServiceNow Help Desk or on +44(0)121 512 2158 to find out your ID number. You’ll just need to provide them with your full name, date of birth, and the first line of your current address.

If you haven’t received your offer letter, please contact Admissions at or on +44(0)121 415 8900.

What should I do if I need to change my email address?

To change your email address, please contact from the email account you used in your application. You’ll need to tell them what email address you’d like to use, along with your student ID.

Haven’t got access to your old email account? You’ll need to contact Admissions and confirm your home address and date of birth to change your email address.

Can I apply for accommodation for just one term?

You can do; however, students who are applying for a full year of accommodation will be given priority. If you receive an accommodation offer, you’ll be required to pay in full.

Only students enrolled on a semester abroad or studying for one semester at The University of Birmingham are eligible to apply for one term accommodation.

I have additional requirements for my accommodation

If I have a disability or medical need?

Yes, we always take any disability or medical need you may have into consideration. We often require a referral from Student Services to confirm these, so please get in touch with them on +44(0)121 414 5130. 

What is alcohol-free accommodation?

In your first few weeks, you’ll create a shared living agreement with your flatmates about the use of alcohol to ensure everyone can live happily in their halls.

If you would like to be in alcohol-free accommodation, you can state this as a personal preference on your application. We’ll do our best to place you in alcohol-free accommodation; however, we cannot guarantee it as it’s subject to demand.

Can I apply for ‘kosher’ accommodation?

If you’d like to live in a kosher environment, please state this under the ‘additional information’ section of your application. We’ll endeavour to fulfil your request but please bear in mind that rooms are allocated once we know how many applicants have selected this preference. Therefore, we can’t guarantee kosher accommodation. 

I have received an offer of accommodation

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You won’t have to pay a deposit; you pay a £550 Advance Payment instead. This is essential for securing your accommodation and is an initial instalment towards your accommodation costs. Therefore, you won’t receive this payment back at the end of your contract and it will not be deducted from your remaining accommodation costs. Once you’ve paid the Advance Payment fee, you can pay for your accommodation in full or in instalments.

My accommodation has been cancelled. What can I do?

If your offer of accommodation has been cancelled and you still require a room, please contact our team for further information.

What’s included in the residence fee?

The residence fee includes all utility bills, internet access, telephone calls from your room o other rooms in the University, and basic room insurance. If you’re in catered accommodation, you’ll also receive a weekly food budget loaded onto your student ID card as part of this fee.

Postgraduates and presessional students on the 10-,6- and 4-week course will also receive bedding and the use of crockery and cutlery in the kitchen.

When are the payments due? 

Please see the payments website for our monthly and termly payment dates.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. You can either pay in three termly instalments, or arrange a direct debit to pay your fee in eight instalments over your contract period.

There is no discount for paying your accommodation fees in full.

Paying your accommodation fees

I have accepted my accommodation offer

When can I move in?

All contracts for the 2023/24 academic year start in September 2024. You’ll be able to select a timeslot for moving in via your Accommodation Portal after accepting your offer in August 2024.

Can I cancel my accommodation and get a refund?

Once you’ve accepted your accommodation offer and made your Advance Payment, you’ll only be released from your contract if a replacement can be found. If not, you’ll need to make your full accommodation payment. 

Do I need to bring my car with me to University?

Due to the convenient location of our accommodation sites to campus and the good public transport links to the local area, we do not recommend that you bring your car to University.

Parking permits are extremely limited at our University-owned accommodation sites and are typically only given to students holding a blue badge who need their car for medical reasons.

Where should I go if I have a query about my accommodation?

If your Village Reception is unable to assist, Living is based in University Centre. Our opening times are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (Tuesdays from 10am). You can contact Student Living using our ServiceNow Help Desk.

What do I need to bring with me for my flat? 

Please take a look at the inventory for your flat on our Living with Us page. 

Information for parents and guardians

The education and welfare of our students is of the utmost importance to us, and we can assure you that our duty is to our students. That’s why all our students have access to a wide-ranging network of support services for both academic and non-academic issues. There are also processes in place to identify students in need of support and to refer them to the relevant service.

In the interests of respecting student privacy, we’re unable to discuss any concerns you may have without the student’s permission, as per our disclosure of information. We appreciate that this can be frustrating, however, this is a legal requirement (General Date protections Regulation 2018), and University policy prohibits the disclosure of an individual’s information. There are only certain situations in which this may not apply, and is dealt with in respect to the University’s duty of care.

What can I do if I am concerned?

The University will take your concerns seriously. Whilst we cannot discuss a student’s situation or circumstances with you (without their permission), including giving confirmation of whether they are attending the University, we can contact the student and offer appropriate help. It is then the student’s responsibility as to whether they choose to take advantage of that support and advice.

Where can I stay when visiting Birmingham?

The University’s Edgbaston Park Hotel offers 4-star, en-suite accommodation just 10 minutes from the Green Heart. With rooms to suit all budgets and tastes, as well as a restaurant and bar, the hotel has everything you’ll need for a comfortable and convenient stay on campus. 

What if I have other questions?

The Student Living team is here to support you with any accommodation queries. You can contact Student Living using our ServiceNow Help Desk or by giving us a call on +44(0)121 512 2158. We’re open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 

Private sector accommodation

Where can I find information about accommodation in the private sector? 

The University’s Community Living team is here to support you every step of the way if you’d like to rent accommodation privately. You can get in touch with them and browse dedicated resources through the Community Living website.

Students have access to the University’s official off-campus property search engine, UoB Property Search, which is managed by Community Living and fuelled by Studentpad. You can search for all types of short- and long-term accommodation on here and rest easy knowing that you’ll only see adverts from recognised members of the Birmingham private renting community.

Only landlords and letting agents who are members of Community Living’s Lettings Membership Scheme, and who have pledged to follow the University’s Code of Conduct, can advertise on UoB Property Search. We therefore guarantee at least a minimum set of accommodation standards.

What areas are close to the University? 

Most students live in Selly Oak, Harborne or Edgbaston.

I have a room available in the private sector, can I advertise it? 

Yes, you can advertise it through UoB Property Search’s message board, but Community Living will need to see the gas certificate first. Your landlord should be able to provide you with this.  

I haven’t got my deposit back, what can I do?

All deposits should be covered by deposit protection schemes. You’ll need to contact the relevant scheme and they can tell more. Your landlord or letting agent will be able to tell you which scheme your deposit was protected with. If you need any more advice, please call into the Student Living office in University Centre.

My deposit hasn’t been returned in full. Can I dispute this? 

Yes, the deposit protection schemes all have dispute services where all issues can be resolved. 

Where do I find the council tax exemption form? 

You’ll find this and frequently asked council tax exemption questions on our council tax page. Make sure you’ve registered your term-time address online.

I need short-term accommodation, can you help? 

Community Living can support your search for short-term accommodation in the private sector. Pop in and see the team in the Student Living office in University Centre or book a virtual appointment online.  

Can you check my contract for me before I sign it? 

We recommend that you get your contract checked, even if it’s from a reputable company. You can do this easily using Community Living’s free, online contract checking tool or by visiting the Community Living team in person. You can also book a virtual appointment with the team.

We’ll be able to point out any important information about charges, what’s expected of you as a tenant, and what rights you have regarding your landlord. We also recommend that you always view the property before you sign a contract. 

What do I do if I have issues with my landlord?

When sorting out any issues yourself, make sure you put any requests/complaints in writing to your landlord. If you continue to have problems, please visit the Community Living team.

I’m a landlord – how do I advertise my property to students? 

First, you need to be a member of Community Living’s Lettings Membership Scheme (LMS). Second, your property needs to have up-to-date gas and electric safety certificates and an energy performance certificate. You’ll then have all the relevant certificates and approvals to advertise on UoB Property Search, which you can do so for free until July 2024.

How to book your room at The University of Birmingham

How do I contact Student Living?

Whether you’re curious about life at Birmingham, looking for some help with your application, or just have a general accommodation-related question, we’re here for you. You can contact Student Living using our ServiceNow Help Desk.
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