We are very pleased to welcome our first cohort of Vanguard Fellows. We look forward to their research collaborations and contribution to our interdisciplinary research environment – including through some of the seminars and workshops in our events section.
01: Dr Sydney Calkin, Durham University
02: Dr Lauren McCarthy, University of London
03: Dr Mark Paterson, University of Pittsburgh, USA
04: Dr Alexander Pöthig, Technical University of Munich
05: Dr Adam Ward, Indiana University, USA
06: Dr Markus Siewert, Goethe University Frankfurt
IAS Creative Fellow
Sound artist and composer Caroline Devine is working with Professor Bill Chaplin’s research group who are playing a leading role in the NASA TESS Mission, which will be launched from Cape Canaveral in 2018. TESS will study the brightest stars in the night sky, “sounding” the stars by detecting their oscillations, and search for planets orbiting them. Our project partners are the Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark and there are plans for sound installations and events in Birmingham and Aarhus.
IAS Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Stephen Brown is Professor at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa, and is he hosted by Dr Jonathan Fisher, International Development Department, School of Government and Society. Professor Brown’s research focuses on the intersection of the policies and practices of Northern countries and other international actors with politics in Southern countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.
UoB NTU Fellowships
We are delighted to announce that the call is open for University of Birmingham UK and Nanyang Technological University Institute of Advanced Studies Fellowships

This new IAS joint fellowship programme aims to attract outstanding early and mid-career researchers from global leading institutions, operating at the cutting edge of their disciplines to work collaboratively with colleagues at the University of Birmingham UK (UoB) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU).

The deadline for applications is 12 March 2018 and full details can be found on the IAS website.
Upcoming Workshops and Events
7 February

Dancing the Dow: A matter of Truth and Knowledge boundary challenges in a contemporary world of ‘climate change deniers’ and ‘fake news’.

Workshop Leader: Dr Ann-Christine Frandsen, Birmingham Business School

This workshop will challenge the view of ‘number crunching’ purely as a form of disembodiment, and build connections to research in seemingly distinct and disparate disciplines. 
12 February

Putting Patients at the Heart of Healthcare

Workshop Leaders: Prof Melanie Calvert, Dr Derek Kyte, Institute of Applied Health Research

This IAS workshop aims to bring together leading experts in electronic patient-reported outcome measures (ePROM) methodology, with key stakeholders including CPROR members based across a number of Colleges at UoB, patient partners, clinicians from UHB and BCH, industry and national/international experts. Together, they will explore mechanisms for embedding efficient routine ePROM data capture within the NHS to facilitate efficient service delivery, improved patient care and enhanced patient outcomes.
27 February

Spatiality and Abortion Travel

Location: Trinity Long Room Hub, Dublin
Workshop Leaders: Professor Fiona de Londras, Birmingham Law School and Dr Sydney Calkin, IAS Vanguard Fellow.

Organised with Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, this workshop aims to bridge legal and geographical approaches to the governance of reproductive rights; bringing together researchers from Law, Geography and aligned fields from the University of Birmingham, the UK and Ireland.
6 March

IAS Lunchtime Seminar: Toward a Political Geography of Abortion

Time: 1.00–2.00pm Birmingham Law School
Location: Senior Common Room, Birmingham Law School
Workshop Leader: Dr Sydney Calkin, Durham, IAS Vanguard Fellow

This seminar discusses the case for a political geography of abortion that moves beyond a state-based framework to account for changing patterns of resistance and restriction on abortion, and reproductive politics as a key site for political geography debates on power, states, and territory. All welcome.
12 –14 March

Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Process Tracing

Planned as part of the visit IAS Vanguard Fellow, Dr. Markus Siewert, this workshop is open to Early Career members of staff from across the University of Birmingham.
19–27 March

3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia, Laws: Rigidity and Dynamics

Location: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This workshop will bring together a network of future research leaders to collaborate on paradigm-shifting cross-disciplinary research, mentored by eminent researchers from across the globe.
27 April

Body 2.0. Embodied processes and technologies in the flows of urban capitalism

Workshop Leaders: Dr Jessica Pykett, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Dr. Mark Paterson, IAS Vanguard Fellow.

This workshop will explore theoretical and methodological questions of embodied and emotional experience, self-monitoring technologies and biopolitics, with particular reference to urban capitalism.
2 May

IAS Lunchtime Seminar. Empowerment Inc.: Can corporations really ‘empower’ women, and do we even want them to?

Workshop Leaders: Dr Lauren McCarthy IAS Vanguard Fellow

Corporations love telling us to ‘ban bossy’, ‘lean in’ and ‘shine’, and women’s empowerment programmes have become the poster-child of corporate social responsibility (CSR), especially in developing countries. This seminar will explore explores the paradoxes of CSR when we examine it through the lens of gender. What is lost, and what is gained, by the establishment of Empowerment Inc.? All welcome.
21 June

Adversities, Trauma and Resilience in Periods of Transition

Workshop Leader: Dr Janine Natalya Clark.

‘Periods of transition’ has been broadly defined to cover: societies who are in transition from conflict to peace; communities who are in transition after natural disasters; and individuals who are in transition after having experienced trauma. This workshop aims to foster an inter-disciplinary discussion on the concept of resilience and its meaning in these different contexts.
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