Industry Partners

Our strategic partnerships focus on the development and accessibility of new NMR technologies and solutions that address growing and unmet biomedical needs of global importance.

HWB-NMR's partners include the following:

  • Cell Free Sciences is developing in vitro protein expression technologies and products in collaboration with us through a BBSRC Japan Partnering Award
  • Chenomx is working with Ulrich Günther and Mark Viant to develop software tools and libraries for metabolomics research
  • GlaxoSmithKline is supporting the development of NMR-based screening methods and applications in collaboration with Michael Overduin
  • Oxford Instruments Molecular Biotools Ltd is developing dynamic nuclear polarization methods for HyperSenseTM system in collaboration with Ulrich Günther
  • Oxford Instruments installed its first 600 MHz Actively Shielded Actively Cooled magnet, as well as the 800 and 900 MHz magnets
  • Solvay Pharmaceuticals is optimizing and applying ligand screening and drug lead validation experiments in collaboration with Ulrich Günther
  • Structural Genomics Consortium is collaborating with Michael Overduin and Ulrich Günther on dehydrogenases, kinases, phosphatases and signaling domains

We work through the University's Research and Commercial Services and Alta Innovations Ltd. to ensure the necessary documentation is in place.

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