Apply for time

Users are welcome to apply for time on the NMR spectrometers on an hourly, daily or weekly basis through remote scheduling once they have registered.

Each category of user is asked to apply as described.

Commercial clients are asked to:

  • Contact Simon Freeman Contracts Manager (0121 471 4977) to set up the necessary agreements.
  • Visit or mail samples and other materials directly to Sara Whittaker or another member of the NMR staff.

EU users: Free access is available to EU-based users with a focus on:

  1. Characterization of metabolic processes in body fluids or tissues,
  2. Metabolomics - DNP and
  3. Protein Membrane Interactions.


  • Apply for access using the Bio-NMR form.
  • Visit or mail samples and other materials to Sue Rhodes.

UK and Africa-based users have free access to the 70% and 5% of the available 900 MHz time for peer-reviewed and internationally competitive research, and may also access the other NMR systems.


  1. Submit an Academic Access form [doc] for each new project.
  2. Visit or mail samples to Sara Whittaker.

Local Users are asked to:

  1. Submit an Academic Access form [doc] for each new project.
  2. Use the online booking system.

We welcome new users and inquiries about collaborative opportunities.

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EU Access

"Access to the 900 MHz NMR spectrometer and other high field equipment together with the expert advice and support that you and your team provide has been especially vital to our research"

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