Arriving on campus

If you have joined one of our campus-based courses, there are a few steps to take when you first arrive in Birmingham.

Arriving on Campus

If you are travelling a long way it is a good idea to arrive here a couple of days before the start of your Presessional course to ensure you have had enough time to get yourself settled and organised.  

Find information on travel and arriving on campus

Collecting your Student ID card

You will receive your student ID card from the Presessional Team. You will receive an email about how and when to collect this in advance of your course starting.

Opening a UK bank account

We advise that you compare the accounts of a few banks, and ask them what they can offer you before you make your choice.

When choosing a bank account, you could ask:

  • Will I have internet and telephone banking?
  • Does the account  have standing order and direct debit facilities?
  • What type of savings accounts will I have?
  • Will I be required to maintain a minimum account balance or pay a monthly fee?
  • Is there an overdraft facility?

The University cannot advise you on which bank or bank account to choose. For information on opening a bank account, please see the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

Opening a Bank Account – UKCISA

Register with a Doctor and Dentist

You may need some medical help or advice during your time in the UK. You will need to register with a General Practice (GP) Surgery close to where you live. It’s also important to register with a Dentist Surgery, so that when you do need these services, you already know where to go and how to contact them.

 Check the National Health Service Website for healthcare information.

Getting medical care as a student - NHS

You can also find information on Health and Healthcare on the UKCISA website.

Health and Healthcare – UKCISA

The city of Birmingham

Explore your new city! Birmingham is a fantastic city in which to live and study. With independent restaurants, shops and bars throughout the centre and popular districts around the city, vibrant Birmingham is nestled among leafy parks, local markets, iconic buildings of our industrial heritage and contemporary architecture such as the Library of Birmingham.

Learn more about the City and the Campus on the University's official YouTube channel.

University of Birmingham YouTube