IIT Bombay student placement at the University of Birmingham

The School of Chemistry welcomes students from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for a 10-week summer research programme.

The School of Chemistry has been inviting undergraduates and Masters students from the IIT Bombay’s Department of Chemistry to undertake the summer research programme since the summer of 2015, with eight students hosted over the last three summers.

The research projects have been supervised by a number of colleagues from the School, most recently by Dr Francisco Fernandez-Trillo and Dr Ruchi Gupta. The programme has been supported by the India Travel Fund with match funding from the School of Chemistry and the EPS College Education Fund.

 “I am a final year PhD student from the Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, working under the supervision of Dr. Rajarshi Chakrabarti. I am currently a visiting PhD student in the group of Dr. Dwaipayan Chakrabarti to work in a collaborative project on active colloids. I am from a Theoretical Physical Chemistry group. My research work primarily involves Statistical Mechanics and its application in Biophysics and Soft Matter.

“I came to know about this visiting research programme at the University of Birmingham through my PhD supervisor. I would like to mention that it was indeed a great experience working with Dr. Dwaipayan Chakrabarti. Since I have been working on a comparatively new field here, I learnt many things from him. In this project, we have been studying the dynamics of active colloidal dumbbells and we have been developing a Brownian dynamics code for it.

“Overall, the program has been a very good learning experience for me, and gave me exposure to different fields of ongoing research in soft matter. I would continue to work on this project even after I go back to India, and this is also going to be a part of my PhD thesis.”

Nairhita Samanta, PhD student, IIT Bombay

UBII - IIT Bombay Student Placement