Auto enrolment legislation for workplace pensions

For all new employees joining the University, you are automatically contractually enrolled into the ‘workplace’ pension scheme appropriate to your role/post and salary grade.

As a result of this contractual enrolment, the University adheres to the legislation for auto-enrolment in workplace pensions.

When you join the University, an email will be sent to your work email address confirming your pension scheme membership and the options that are available to you.

If you decide that you do not wish to join the workplace pension scheme, you are able to opt-out upon receipt of your confirmation email.

Under the legislation, we are obliged to re-enrol those members who fulfil the criteria for auto-enrolment, but who are not an active member, back into a the workplace pension scheme. Members who fall into this category will be written to advising them of their re-enrolment into the workplace pension scheme and the options available to them.

This is carried out every three years from on the anniversary of the University’s staging date. The University is due to carry out its next re-enrolment process in 2025.