NHS pension scheme

NHS Pension Scheme

As an NHS Directional Employer, the University of Birmingham may be able to offer membership of the NHS Pension Scheme to Academic and Support staff working within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.

Joining and managing NHS


Academic and Support staff working within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, are eligible to join the NHS pensions scheme as long as the following criteria is met: 

   You are employed within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences 

•    You have been a contributing member of the NHS pension scheme within the 12 months prior to joining the University

•    You opt out of your contractual scheme and re-join the NHS pension scheme within 3 months of the commencement of your employment at the University

If you meet all 3 criteria and think that you may be eligible to re-join the NHS Scheme in this employment, you will need to inform your HR Advisor as soon as possible after your start date and raise a query via the HR Portal

Members meeting the criteria will be enrolled into the 2015 Section of the NHS Scheme from their commencement date and further information regarding the NHS 2015 Scheme can be found on the NHS website.

Your pension contributions will be deducted from your pay. Please note that Salary Sacrifice is not offered on NHS Pension contributions.

All other information regarding the NHS Scheme can be found at the NHS website.

What does the scheme provide?

From 1 April 2022, all active members of the NHS Pension Scheme will be members of the 2015 Scheme. For further information and a video transcript on 2015 Scheme please visit the NHS website.

You can also access to the NHS 2015 Member Guide.

Cost of your contributions

The level of contributions that members pay will depend on their pensionable pay. You can view current contributions paid by members on the NHS website

I want to increase my pension contributions

There are various ways as to how you can increase your pension contributions. Please visit the NHS website

Total reward statements (TRS)

Benefit statements are provided by the NHS. You can request a statement of your benefits by visiting the NHS website.

Leaving the NHS pension scheme

I want to retire

Members wishing to take payment of their NHS Pension should inform the Pensions Office via the HR Portal and select Pensions. A Retirement application form will be sent to them.

This form needs to be completed and sent to NHS 3 months in advance of the retirement date to avoid any delays in the payment of benefits.

Further information including your options for retirement can be viewed on the NHS website.

Opting out

Please visit the NHS website for information as to how to opt out. Completed forms are to be returned to the pensions team via the HR Portal and select Pensions. 

If you are opting out due to tax implications, please take a look at the Pensions Tax tile for information on possible employer payment in lieu.

Other useful links

Life-time allowance and pension tax

The Remuneration Committee has approved the paper which allows a discretionary pension supplement payment (in lieu of employers pension contribution) to be paid to clinical staff who have ceased as contributing members of the NHS pension scheme due to their nearing or breaching the Life-Time Allowance (LTA) limit and thus incurring possible additional pension tax liabilities. In order to qualify for this extra re-numeration payment, you must be able to provide evidence of the following:

  • Confirmation that an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) has advised you to opt-out of the pension scheme. OR
  • Your Individual Protection certificate and reference number.
  • Your NHS Pension Scheme opt-out form (if not already submitted).

Once we are in receipt of all this information, your application will be passed on for authorisation and you will be informed if any payment will be made to you.

Further Information on Pension Tax.

If you think you are eligible for this extra payment, please contact the pensions team via Pensionsdocs@contacts.bham.ac.uk

It is suggested that you take independent financial advice

NHS Legacy schemes (1995/2008 schemes) and Choices 2

Further information if you have a membership of the 1995/2008 pension scheme.

Further information if you have a membership after 1st April 2022.