The volume has been published in honour of Professor Susan Hunston in recognition of her distinguished career in Applied Linguistics, and the enormous contribution that she has made to the field of Corpus Linguistics.

The book is edited by Nicholas Groom (University of Birmingham), Maggie Charles (University of Oxford) and Suganthi John (University of Birmingham).

Corpora, Grammar and Discourse

The publisher's description of Corpora, Grammar and Discourse:

"Corpus linguistics has had a revolutionary impact on grammar and discourse research. Not only has it opened up entirely new theoretical perspectives and methodological possibilities for both fields, but it has also to a considerable extent erased the boundaries that have traditionally been drawn between them. This book showcases a variety of current corpus-based approaches to the study of grammar and discourse, and makes a case for seeing grammar and discourse as fundamentally inter-related phenomena. The book features contributions from leading experts in cognitive linguistics, construction grammar, critical discourse studies, genre and register analysis, phraseology, language learning and teaching, languages for specific purposes, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, systemic functional linguistics and text linguistics. An essential reference point for future research, Corpora, Grammar and Discourse has been edited in honour of Susan Hunston, whose own work has consistently pushed at the boundaries of corpus-based research on grammar and discourse for over three decades."