In a world of alternative facts, communicating science both effectively and efficiently is critical to relaying scientifically accurate ideas. Our articles this term covered a broad range of common and the lesser-known concepts, explored their counter-intuitive and surprising myths and discussed the dangers of believing them. Our 13th edition of the magazine is packed with reviews, news articles and opinions on scientific news - we're finished it up as we speak and look forward to sharing it with you!

Is it better to walk or run in the rain? A common problem, this is but one example of how science can relate to your everyday life. Our 12th edition in the Autumn Term saw us explore the science of everyday life. From how to see the invisible beauty of fluid dynamics, to unlocking the memory of cells to the RADAR revolution here at Birmingham, we covered a wide range of interesting topics.

We also interviewed Professor Sir J. Frasier Stoddart, father of molecular machinery and 2016 Nobel laureate. We hope that our readers have enjoyed this interview as much as we enjoyed hearing Sir Frasier talk about his work. Through his lecture and subsequent interview, we were fortunate enough to be able to gain an insight into the life of one of the worlds’ leading scientific minds.

Across the University we are lucky enough to be surrounded by exemplary researchers, brilliant staff and inspirational alumni. The magazine has tried to capture that this year through covering the EPS Distinguished Lecture Series. In the Spring Term, we interviewed Computer Science and Electronics alumnus Osman Kent as part of this Series and learnt about his career in Silicon Valley.

SATNAV Osman Kent Interview

As a new addition to the EPS Community we are building contacts within the College, meeting many other societies and being introduced to experts. Our main aim is to be a platform for students to communicate science and so this semester we held a writing workshop with Liz Bell from the University’s Press Office. Next year, we hope to continue to learn from experts in scientific communications and beyond.

We would like thank everyone who has written an article or submitted artwork this year, without which our issues would not exist. We are also grateful to the UBRobotics and AstroSoc who have contributed to the magazine. After a successful year we have tripled our distribution list and doubled our membership!

As the year draws to a close we congratulate our newly elected committee and look forward to welcoming swathes of new students in September. We always welcome your thoughts on our next theme or ideas for future editions. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’ve enjoyed reading our magazine this year please consider nominating us for an EPS Societies’ Award. As one of the newest societies in the College it would mean a lot to win a trophy and be recognised by our readers!

Best wishes,

Sara Jebril
Editor in Chief 2016/17