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Today, 10 October 2018, The Alan Turing Institute appointed 22 researchers based at the University of Birmingham to join the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence as Alan Turing Fellows.

The Birmingham-based researchers will join over 250 new and returning researchers as the institute launches its third ever academic year.

In January 2018, the University of Birmingham was invited to join the Alan Turing Institute, as the Institute expanded its university network from its five founding university partners, to thirteen.

Professsor Jon Rowe, Professor in Natural Computation and Alan Turing Programme Lead at the University of Birmingham, said: "We're are really pleased to see a number of academics from across the University of Birmingham elected in the current round of Turing Fellows.

"There is a huge potential for innovative interdisciplinary work which will be fostered by this new relationship. As the initial projects get under way, I look forward to seeing the results of bringing together such a team with the other Turing Fellows from across the Turing network."

For the first time, this new cohort of Fellows is drawn from 11 universities around the UK, following the expansion of the Institute’s university network from its five founding university partners, to thirteen, earlier this year.

Turing Fellows from the University of Bristol and the University of Southampton will join the research community slightly later to reflect the later time at which they joined the Institute network.

The Institute will also launch more than 50 new research projects in the coming months, all generated in partnership with our expanded university network.

Thanks to the university expansion and the growth of its research programmes and partners, the Institute now counts over 400 researchers in its community, including Turing Fellows (the largest group, made up of senior academics spending a portion of their time at the Institute), Turing Research Fellows (independent researchers employed by a partner university and based at the Institute), Doctoral Students (full time or spending an ‘enrichment’ period at the Institute) and visiting researchers from academia, business and government.

The 22 new Alan Turing Fellows are:

George Bassel
Andrew Beggs
James Bentley-Brown
Alex Bespalov
Matthew Brett
Biao Cai
Jean-Baptiste Cazier
Sylvie Delacroix
Nikolaos Fountoulakis
Georgios Gkoutos
Samuel Johnson
Iain Johnston
Ata Kaban
Ales Leonardis
Nicholas Loman
Uta Noppeney
Aaron Sloman
Dave Smith
Iain Styles
Peter Tino
Emmanouil Tranos
Christopher Yau

To read the full list, please visit the Alan Turning Institute website.