Intravital Imaging Open Pic
Professor Sir Nilesh Samani, the British Heart Foundation's Medical Director, officially opens the new Intravital Microscopy Imaging Suite.

The Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences celebrated the recent unveiling of the new Intravital Microscopy Imaging Suite with a celebratory two-day event in November entitled 'Come Look Inside Blood Vessels'.

The event, hosted by Drs Neena Kalia and Dean Kavanagh, showcased the capabilities of state-of-the-art intravital, multiphoton and laser speckle microscopy. Dr Kalia stated: “Disturbances of the vasculature and the cells within it are critical contributors to many diseases. This state-of-the-art imaging facility will allow novel insights into the important roles they play and identification of new therapeutic targets.”

Many members of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences attended the event and took the opportunity to discuss ideas and find out how the facility could potentially aid their current or future research endeavours. Professor Paulus Kirchhof, Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, hosted an introduction to the facility. He commented: “This world-class facility is an important building block in our long-term strategy to enable precision medicine from molecules to patient benefit. We hope that this facility will become a regional and national hub for translational team science.”

The grand opening and ribbon cutting was provided courtesy of Professor Sir Nilesh Samani, the British Heart Foundation's Medical Director. The Institute was priviledged that Professor Sir Samani attended and took part in the opening and looks forward to producing innovative work with the new tools the suite provides.