Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

We are leaders in cardiovascular research, including atrial fibrillation and heart failure, thrombosis/thrombo-inflammation and vascular biology.

New research award to investigate and treat thrombo-inflammation in diseases where red blood cell destruction occurs

Dr Julie Rayes, Researcher in Cardiovascular Sciences within the Birmingham Platelet Group at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICVS), University of Birmingham, has been awarded a highly regarded Intermediate Fellowship to better understand and to test and repurpose drugs to limit thrombo-inflammation when it is caused by infection or congenital disorders involving the destruction of red blood cells.

Cardiovascular research areas

  • Cardiac Diseases

    Our research aims to understand how our genes, environment, lifestyle, and activity of the heart interact to shape the function of our hearts.

  • Thrombo-inflammation

    Our expertise means we are ideally placed to provide new opportunities for therapeutic intervention in arterial thrombosis and thrombo-inflammatory driven pathology.

  • Vascular Biology and Inflammation

    Our established multi-disciplinary research theme is focused on the multifaceted biology of endothelial cells.

Centres of Excellence

  • Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE)

    Woman looking through a microscope

    A unique collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham. Bringing together leading researchers to develop novel methods for visualising single membrane proteins.

  • British Heart Foundation Accelerator Award

    BHF Accelerator Award logo

    The University is one of six in the UK to receive a BHF Accelerator Award in recognition of its excellence in cardiovascular research. The award will boost all cardiovascular research in Birmingham, from discovery science to patient benefit

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