Dr Duncan Shepherd

As I write this introduction we are preparing to welcome our new students for the start of the new academic year. This will be the last year we welcome students into the current Engineering Building as we will be moving into our new Engineering Building in the summer of 2020. Building work is progressing well and you can follow progress through the building site web cam.

As for the old Engineering building that you will have many happy memories of – don’t worry, it will still remain for you to visit and indeed many of our laboratories will be remaining in that building.

Looking back on the last academic year there have been many highlights. We graduated over 200 mechanical engineers in the degree congregations. We successfully delivered the first year of our BEng Mechanical Engineering programme on our Dubai Campus. We have recruited a number of excellent new academic staff, including Dr Archibong Archibong, Dr Panagiotis Alevras, Dr Simon Blakey, Dr Nan Gao, Dr Farrukh Hafeez, Dr Majid Malboubi, Dr Jason Stafford and Dr Elias Tsoutsanis.

In this newsletter we cover all the news and events that we hope keep you informed about Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. This covers research, student societies, outreach and much more.

We were delighted to welcome back alumni in June for the annual Alumni Reunion. As usual, one of the highlights is the visit to the large lecture theatre (G31) where all alumni remember exactly where they sat for lectures. It would be great to see you back on campus for the Alumni Reunion in June 2020 to reminisce with friends and find out how the University has changed since your time as a student.

And finally, a big thank you to the 26 Mechanical Engineering alumni who have kindly volunteered with the Department over the last academic year. This includes 10 mentors, several advisory board members, an international alumni group leader and 5 graduates featuring at Open Days or outreach events. Thank you, you've made a real impact here! If you'd like to get involved too, please get in touch with our Alumni Relations Manager, Grace Surman on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Best wishes,

Professor Duncan Shepherd
Head of Department

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