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The Higher Education Futures institute (HEFi) has developed a new Canvas resource to support staff in designing and delivering online teaching as part of the planning for next academic year through the Framework for Educational Resilience. The resource provides evidence-based, practical ideas and resources to help you to prepare for teaching in 2020/21 and beyond. This is an evolving resource and HEFi is keen to receive feedback and add any new ideas that you may have, so please let us know what you think. 

Please use the self-enrol option to gain access to the Canvas resource:

We have distilled the essential information needed to:

  • Install and run Panopto, make Panopto recordings, copy and move recordings
  • Set up a Canvas Discussion, Quiz and Assignment
  • HEFi Digital 'Canvas Resource with Essential Guidance' drop in sessions will be held every Wednesday until 16th September 2020 from 11am -12pm: please follow this Drop In Session Skype Link

    Click to go to Canvas Resource with Essential Guidance 

If you are looking for more extensive resources and help with our core digital tools then you can find more information on the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway.

Click to go to the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway

For colleagues in LES or MDS, take at look at the LES and MDS Online Teaching Support which is now available through your local teams. 


There have been a number of MicroCPD that focus on simple and accessible ways to use our digital tools that you might find helpful as you are planning. Click to see a selection and the direct links to them.

Don’t forget that on the HEFi website there is also a searchable archive of all of our MicroCPD that you might find useful. 

Did you know that HEFi hosts an online discussion forum? HEFi-OPEN is a platform created by HEFi so that all of us involved in teaching and enhancing learning at the University of Birmingham can raise queries, give and receive advice, and share comments with our community of practice.

If you want to ask how others have tackled the challenges of moving teaching online, or share something that you have done that others might find useful, or point others towards external resources that we could all benefit from, then HEFi-Open might be the way to do it.

More information and a link to sign up is here:

The wider HE sector is discussing and sharing practice to support each other in a number of ways. We try to share these wherever we can through our HEFi Twitter feed. You do not have to be on Twitter to access this. Scroll down to the bottom of our website to see what we are tweeting, and re-tweeting. These often have links to really useful resources.

We are re-publishing our HEFi blog as a means of informally sharing ideas and supporting one another. The latest blog is written by Jane Sjoberg in the Birmingham International Academy and is entitled “Start NOW – perfect LATER – Moving into Digital Teaching and Learning. Keep up to date with the blog here: and if you would like to submit an article you can do so here:

HEFi Festival 2020

The festival will run for a week beginning on the 6th July 2020 and will showcase a variety of live, online CPD for academic and professional service colleagues at University of Birmingham. 

Themes such as online learning, inclusive practice for international students, unconscious bias and personal tutoring are examples of these. In addition, we are also pleased to include sessions from academics within our Colleges on important topics such as embedding employability, practical techniques such as voice and presence and using role-play in the classroom. To find out more please visit the HEFi Festival 2020 page.

Additional Guidance

Are you an EEF Project Lead wondering about how to progress your project? There is guidance here about how to keep things on track and to contact us for further information: