Radio studio and microphone

Dr Dean Kavanagh, Research Fellow from the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, has joined together with three colleagues to launch a dedicated digital radio station, Health Information Radio, to give the public information about how to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The non-for-profit service has been set up by four radio professionals who wanted to ensure there was a constant flow of balanced information for the public – without scaremongering stories. The programmes feature explanations about the virus, how to prevent spreading it, the importance of self-isolation and social distancing, and current updates on the situation in the UK. Intentionally there is no news of the current death toll or the number of infected cases as listener feedback suggests this frightens people and they disengage from the vital information being communicated.

The radio station will also features regular spots with psychotherapist Lucy Beresford who offers advice on coping with self-isolation, anxiety and the impact self-isolation may have on families and relationships.

The team currently broadcast on digital radio in cities including Aldershot, Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Hove, London, Portsmouth, Manchester, Norwich, Woking, Worthing, and nationally across the UK between 12am and 7am on LoveSport. As well as featuring on TuneIn’s home page for Coronavirus updates. More information can be found on their dedicated website.