From the Spartans to cancel culture and reproduction rights, Birmingham scholars to take part at Hay

Researchers from the University of Birmingham's College of Arts and Law are taking part in this year's Hay Festival

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The University of Birmingham will provide expertise through talks and discussions at the Hay Festival

Leading researchers and experts from the University of Birmingham’s College of Arts and Law are taking part in this year’s Hay Festival, which returns to Hay-on-Wye between Thursday 26 May and Sunday 5 June.

The speakers will cover a wide range of topics: Dr Andrew Bayliss will discuss his research into the Spartans; Dr Atina Krajewska will ask whether abortion law can act as a litmus test for democracy and the rule of law; and Dr Nathan Waddell will speak on cancel culture, extreme politics, and public apology. The talks form part of the ongoing partnership between the University of Birmingham and the Hay Festival.

The Hay Festival provides a wonderful opportunity for our researchers to share their work with new audiences. This year, our speakers will cover everything from Spartan warriors, to cancel culture in interwar Britain, to reproductive rights and democracy. This breadth demonstrates the contribution arts and humanities research makes to our understanding of the world we live in.

Professor Hugh Adlington, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Birmingham's College of Arts and Law
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Birmingham speakers at the Hay Festival 2022

Talks can be booked now via the Hay website, and watched after the event via the Hay Festival subscription service, Hay Player.

  • The Spartans with Andrew Bayliss takes place Saturday 28 May at 10:00
  • Cancel Culture, Extreme Politics, and Apology with Nathan Waddell takes place Thursday 2 June at 16:00
  • Reproduction Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law with Atina Krajewska takes place Saturday 4 June at 13:00