Adrenal tumour service team standing outside the QE hospital in Birmingham
Adrenal tumour service team members who worked to pick up five stars

The service, which works in collaboration with the academic adrenal tumour research team at the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research (IMSR), University of Birmingham, has been recognised by the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours (ENSAT) and has been given the rating.

The service is one of only eight centres in the world to be awarded a five-star Centre of Excellence rating in an independent review, which reflects the service’s outstanding contribution to patient care and recognises its leading research efforts. Research is being conducted into causes, new tests and therapies for adrenal tumours and is made possible by working alongside IMSR colleagues from the University of Birmingham.

Adrenal tumours can form when abnormal cells grow on the adrenal glands, which sit just above the kidneys and are responsible for releasing hormones that send messages throughout the body to control temperature, sleep, metabolism, heart rate, growth and mood.

Even though only around 1 in 10 adrenal tumours are cancerous, when tumours form people can experience symptoms such as high blood pressure, a fast heartbeat and weight gain, or develop diabetes.

Consultant endocrinologist and reader in endocrine oncology, Dr Cristina Ronchi, who leads the Trust's adrenal tumour service, said: “This endorsement of excellence is the result of hard work and collaboration between the multi-disciplinary team of the adrenal tumour service at UHB and the academic adrenal tumour research team at University of Birmingham.

"Adrenal patients referred to UHB services can feel confident that they are receiving the most up-to-date testing and care available, informed by the latest science."

The UHB adrenal tumour service is a combined effort between two of Birmingham Health Partners key collaborators, UHB and the University of Birmingham.

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