Taylor Swift on stage with dancers
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Midnights Era Set - Image: Paolo Villanueva, @itspaolopv, Wikimedia Commons

With Taylor Swift opening her UK tour in Edinburgh to night, fans are already queueing to see the three-hour career defining show. It is estimated that the Eras tour will boost the UK economy by nearly £1 billion, demonstrating the impact of “Swiftonomics.”

However, not only is there a boost to hospitality at tour venues, it is predicted that on average concert attendees will spend £78 on merchandise in addition to concert tickets, travel, eating out and other expenditures. This is because as we are spending so much on an experience, the so called ‘Experience Economy’ we also want tangible items to remember the night of our lives!

So, in 20 years’ time when you find your Taylor Swift Cardigan in the back of the wardrobe you will immediately be transported back to the heady days of 2024 and the memory of a great evening – you will remember it All Too Well and This is Why We Can’t Can Have Nice Things!  

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