Application Guidance Notes

Before continuing with your application, please read the following guidance carefully.

Your application is specifically designed for the programme you have applied for via course finder. It is sensitive to the answers you provide as you proceed through the application. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete, and does not contain false or misleading information. It is also your responsibility to provide additional information when requested to do so. The University will check your academic history, qualifications, references, personal statements, research proposals, and anything else provided as part of your application for accuracy.

How to apply

  • Search for the course you wish to apply for using course finder. Once you have selected the course please click on 'Apply Now' buttons until you reach the application form where you will be asked to Log in or Create a new user.
  • If you have an existing account your username is your email address or applicant ID number. You can click on the forgotten password link to reset your password.
  • If you are new to the Application system please click on New User to create your New User Details.
  • You do not have to complete your application in one session. You will be sent an email containing a secure link to enable you to complete your application at a future date should you so choose.
  • You will be able to save your application at any point in the process and return to it when you are ready to continue.

Please note that your application will not be processed until all the relevant sections have been completed and your application has been submitted.

Throughout your application you will be given the opportunity to upload scanned documents in support of your application. 

Application decisions

Please note that a decision on your application may be delayed if the relevant supporting documents are not received. 

The following information will usually be needed before a decision can be made on your application:

  • Academic reference(s) 
  • Degree transcripts (interim* transcripts);
  • English language test certificate (if appropriate);
  • Research proposal (if appropriate).

*A transcript of your degree progress and achievement to date.

You may also be required to submit further documents. 


Completing the application form

The application form is divided into the following sections, which will be tailored to the application route you are applying for. 

Personal details

Personal details such as name, date of birth and nationality.

Additional personal information

Protected characteristics such as religion, disability and ethnicity. Please note, your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence, and all data disclosed will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. To find out more about how Birmingham uses data to promote equality and diversity for students, please contact

Contact details

Permanent home address and space to put information if you are an agent or partner institution applying on behalf of a student.


This page is for academic qualifications i.e. school, undergraduate and any postgraduate qualifications already started/completed.

Scanned transcripts and certificates need to be uploaded here - please see our Document requirements explained webpage for more information on what we need. This page is also where you can upload English language requirement documents.

Professional/work experience

You can upload your CV and detail any relevant work experience that may be beneficial to your application. There is also space for details of any professional or other qualifications that you may want to include.

Personal statement

Here you can either upload a personal statement, or type one in the box provided.

Please follow our guidance for help on how to write a personal statement.

Research details

If you are applying for a research programme (i.e. PhD, Masters by Research) then you will be asked whether you are applying to an advertised project, or proposing your own research.

If applying to an advertised project you will need to input details of the project on the page, but if you are proposing your own research, you will need to give a research summary and upload a research proposal. You can visit our application support pages for help on how to write a research proposal.


Here you can input passport and visa details, if relevant.


Here you have the option to either upload your references if you have them already, or input details of your referees so that we can contact them automatically once you have submitted your application. See the References section on this webpage for more information on the types of references we accept and the format they need to be in.

Application information

Any additional documents you wish to upload (e.g. research proposal), you can do so here.


Here you will be asked what you expect to be the primary source of funding you will have to support your studies. This might be your own personal funds (savings, loans, etc.), from other 'sponsors' such as employers, or third party funding bodies.


This page includes a Data Protection Statement and Declaration that both need accepting before you can submit your application.