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Short course

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

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Postgraduate Short-Course (CPD)

Course Overview

An online course introducing the principles of nutrition, the role of physical activity in relation to health, brief interventions for smoking. It also includes an introduction to motivational interviewing and to concepts of deprescribing.

Learning outcomes


  • Identify the dietary recommendations that the UK population typically do not meet
  • To identify the most commonly used dietary assessment methods
  • To have an awareness of behavioural approaches to supporting individuals to achieve dietary change
  • To have an awareness of digital resources that can support individuals to achieve dietary change

Knowledge of basic principles of physical activity

  • Understand the evidence for the relationship between physical activity and health
  • Know how to develop an exercise prescription

Knowledge of the importance of social connectedness and some examples of community projects

  • Understand the evidence linking health to social connectedness
  • Understand assets-based community development
  • To know one example of a community project

Introduction to principles of brief interventions for behaviour change and practical motivational interviewing skills

  • To be aware of different theories of behaviour change
  • Understand the key principles of motivational interviewing
  • To practice motivational interviewing skills

Introduction to concepts of deprescribing (balancing potential risks and benefits of withdrawing medicines)

  • To be aware of deprescribing toolkits
  • To be aware of deprescribing networks (e.g. English Deprescribing Network)

To stimulate further study of the principles of lifestyle medicine

Course Faculty

Who is the course for?

It is aimed at Clinicians (primary and secondary care; doctors; nurses & allied health professionals)

Is this course accredited?

Accreditation has been applied for from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine


To be confirmed

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