Covid 19 resources for those with autism

We are aware that there is a lot of information on dealing with Coronavirus on the internet now and that some of you may find this overwhelming. We tried to compile a list of resources which we felt were reliable so that it is easy for you to navigate.

You may be interested in our video vlogs which provide useful tips and practical advice 

Please note that we do not specifically endorse any of the resources below, and you will still have to explore to see if these are suitable for you. Please let us know if you are aware of any other useful sources so that we can add to this list.


Twinkl is a website which has produced a range of resources for students with disorders on the autism spectrum as well as a SEND School Closure Home Learning resource pack

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society has collected together a series of useful resources that autistic people and their families can use during coronavirus outbreak. 

BBC -Bitesize

The Bitesize website has some useful resources, especially for secondary school children (not specific to autism)


With uncertainty around Covid-19, we know many autistic people are feeling anxious. Autistica has produced a guide to help you to understand these feelings and offers tips.

Carol Gray

This downloadable PDF produced by Carol Gray for children is a story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus.


TES has produced a child friendly explanation of coronavirus in the form of a story by Manuela Molina of

Amanda Mc Guinness

Amanda Mc Guinness has produced a social narrative help alleviate fears and anxiety many children may be experiencing at this time.

Kids connect

This resource is for children with ASD.  Art and craft activities in the resource which incorporate the senses can be an effective way to improve your kid’s attention span, self-expression and reduce anxiety. 

The University of Edinburgh

Information about the Wheel of Autism website. With content for both adults and children

Blog “girls on the spectrum”

This blog shares some tips and information on Coronavirus for adults and what it means for those in the UK over the next few weeks.

Autistic and unapologetic

The founder of the Autistic and Unapologetic website lists 10 indoor activities for children and adults.


Advice and information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak.


Autism-Europe shares resources and tips from across the world for autistic people.

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental health

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental health provides practical tips on how to support your autistic child, during the coronavirus pandemic. Including anxiety, obsessive behaviours and structure. There are podcasts and social stories.

The association also provides a social story which you can download - When anxiety feels overwhelming

Autism Home Learning

Marie Howley, on her Autism Home Learning blog provide suggestions of strategies and resources which you may find useful whilst your child is home learning. 

Autism in Context

This blog provides 20 tips to get through these difficult times if you have autism or if you are a parent of a child on the spectrum.

Purple Ella

A YouTube video from Purple Ella on strategies which have helped her to cope with the Covid19 Pandemic

Autism East Midlands

Autism East Midlands provides details of 10 museums in the UK you can visit from the comfort of your home.