New books by Michele Aaron published

In a flurry of activity Michele Aaron has just published three pieces: a monograph, and edited collection and a journal article.

Edinburgh University Press has published her monograph, Death and the Moving Image: Ideology, Iconography and I, an innovative examination of the representation of death and dying in mainstream cinema. The book reveals the ambivalent place of death in twentieth and twenty-first century culture: the ongoing split between its over- and under-statement, between its cold, bodily, realities and its fantastical, transcendental and, most importantly, strategic depictions. 

Michele’s edited collection Envisaging Death: Visual Culture and Dying is also just out from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The book enters the expanding field of Death Studies and connects some of its key interpretive frameworks – such as issues of internment practice, trauma, or end of life care – to visual culture, and, more than that, to visual culture’s socio-political, geographic and aesthetic specificities. The collection also includes an essay by B-Film’s John Horne.

Finally, the latest issue of Cinema Journal (53:2, 2014) contains a new essay by Michele entitled 'Cinema and Suicide: Necromanticism, Necropolitics and the Logic the Vanishing Point'. 

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