Brum Dine with Me

On September 28th 2012, The University of Birmingham, in collaboration with Birmingham City Council, Brindleyplace and the mac Birmingham, staged a unique city-wide day of events called Brum Dine With Me. Forming part of a major European campaign across 53 cities, the day highlighted the value of research in society.

The event featured art exhibits of Birmingham at lunch, hands-on experiments with the DNA of fruit and vegetables, interpretative dance and the chance to get interactive with the future of food, exploring what we eat everyday in a way it has never been seen before.

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Supermarket Store Tours 

As part of Brum Dine With Me, we ran small ‘supermarket tours’ in partnership with our lovely local supermarket, Sainsbury’s Selly Oak. We will had a dietician on hand to guide visitors round the shelves and we showed them how they could design a healthier, cheaper and more fun shopping list.

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