Cardiovascular Sciences Job Opportunities

Within the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences there are constant opportunities to join or further your career.

Below are the current opportunities available along with the links to the official application page:


Research Fellow in cardiovascular regulation and super-resolution microscopy - The Centre Of Membrane Proteins And Receptors are seeking to appoint a postdoctoral fellow to establish a research programme that will involve use and of cutting-edge light microscopy (e.g. light sheet and super-resolution) and advanced genetic techniques (e.g. iPS cells, CRISPR/CAS, cardiomyocytes) to study a project of relevance to cardiovascular science and disease - Closing date 20th February 2019

Chair in Cardiology - Closing date 28th February 2019

Reader in Cardiology - Closing date 28th February 2019

Senior Lecturer in Cardiology - Closing date 28th February 2019

Research Fellow - The Translational Research on Heart Failure and Arrhythmias Cluster are seeking an enthusiastic Postdoctoral Research Fellow to strengthen their capability in analysis of deeply phenotyped large data sets - Closing date 30th April 2019



PhD Vacancy - Arrhythmogenic potential of titin truncating variants in atrial and ventricular cardiomyocytes
Supervisors Dr K Gehmlich, Professors C Denning and P Kirchhof - Closing date 20th January 2019

PhD Vacancy - MRC IMPACT - “Identifying novel therapies to prevent myocardial injury in type-2-diabetes”
Supervisors Professor Andre Ng, Dr Melanie Madhani and Professor Warwick Dunn - Closing Date 20th January 2019

PhD Vacancy - Dissecting the interplay between cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts using human stem cell models of disease
Supervisors Dr D Pavlovic and Professor C Denning - Closing Date 20th January 2019