People - Mathematics

This page contains details of some of the people from the School of Mathematics that are involved in the CMMCE.

Dr John Leach
Research Interests: Reaction-diffusion theory, hyperbolic reaction-diffusion theory, asymptotic methods, dynamical systems.

Dr David Leppinen
Research Interests:Free surface flows, convective and buoyant flows, numerical simulation.

Dr Daniel Loghin 
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods, algorithm design for large-scale computations.

Dr David Smith
Research Interests: Low Reynolds number fluid mechanics of cilia and flagella, numerical simulation of particle tracking and advection-diffusion of chemicals.

Dr Jamal Uddin
Research Interests: Free surface hydrodynamics, rupture of liquid threads and films, droplet formation, industrial mathematics, asymptotic structures coating and micro-fluidics.