Centre for Corpus Research, Birmingham: CL 2011

ICC Birmingham
Wednesday 20 July (00:00) - Friday 22 July 2011 (00:00)

The Centre for Corpus Research organised the 2011 international Corpus Linguistics conference. The conference was held at the ICC in Birmingham 20-22 July 2011, and it attracted over 250 delegates. It was the sixth in a series of major international conferences hosted by leading university corpus centres in the UK: the first two were held at Lancaster University, the third and fourth were held at Birmingham and the fifth was held in Liverpool.

The theme of the Corpus Linguistics 2011 conference was 'Discourse and Corpus Linguistics'.

The plenary speakers for this event were:

  • Paul Baker, Lancaster University
  • Stefan Th. Gries, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham