Text-patterning in legal texts

ERI Building - G51 (Ground Floor)
Thursday 31 March 2016 (15:15-16:30)
Photograph of Dr Alex Trklja
Photograph of Dr Alex Trklja
  • Centre for Corpus Research Open Research Seminar

Speaker: Dr Alex Trklja, University of Birmingham

Venue: ERI Building, Room G51

Although it has often been remarked that legal texts are formulaic (e.g. Mattila, 2006; Gotti, 2012), studies that investigate this issue empirically, or focus on functions of repetitive expressions are still few in number (e.g. Gozdz-Roszkowski, 2012; Biel, 2014). This talk reports on a corpus investigation of judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). That analysis investigates in particular: the degree of formulaicity in CJEU judgments as compared to national Supreme/Consitutional Court judgments; textual colligation in CJEU judgments and the principal metadiscursive functions of the most typical recurrent paragraph-­‐initial multi-­‐word units (Hyland, 20015); the signalling of typical textual patterns in CJEU judgments by metadiscoursive items (Hoey, 2001).

The study has been conducted as part of the European Research Council-­‐funded project ‘Law and Language at the European Court of Justice’ (LLECJ - see www.llecj.karenmcauliffe.com). The analysis in the corpus investigation set out in this talk allows us argue that formulaicity is not an accidental feature of CJEU judgments but a constitutive force that has an impact on the form and content of EU case law and serves as a source of routinized thinking (Koestler, 1964) in EU case law.


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