Introduction to Corpus investigative techniques 

An on-line information pack about corpus investigation techniques for the Humanities.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1 What a corpus is

1.2 What corpus investigation software does

1.3 The sorts of things that a corpus can help you with

1.4 What you need to do corpus work

Unit 2: Compiling a corpus

2.1 Designing a corpus

2.2 Why you need your texts in electronic form

2.3 Issues in keying in texts

2.4 Issues in scanning texts

2.5 Issues in getting texts from the internet

2.6 Issues in compiling a spoken corpus

Unit 3: Available corpora and software

3.1 Commonly-used reference corpora and how to find them

3.2 Commonly-used corpus investigation software and how to find it

Unit 5: Case studies

5.1 Compiling a literary corpus

5.2 Studying melancholy in a British novel corpus

5.3 Corpus Linguistics and communication in Health Care

5.4 Multi-modal corpora

*there is no Unit 4