About volunteering to send a video

Do I have to send you a video?

No, it’s purely voluntary – you can just watch this space/the website and see how the dancing maps develop.  Even if you contact me to ask a question then decide later you really don’t want to record and send me a video, then you don’t have to and I won’t try to make you.  If you send me your video and later you decide you want me to take it down, just email and I’ll delete it, no questions asked.  Obviously when the dancing maps are being projected for the live event, or once I’ve written about the process and started publishing articles it’ll be harder to remove your contribution, so if you do want to withdraw anything you’ve sent me, tell me before the live event in November.

By the act of sending me your video, you will be consenting:

  • that the video can be displayed on the website;
  • that the video can be displayed at the festival;
  • and that you are over 16 and are able to give consent.

If you have any questions, try to email me before you send the video, but you can choose to withdraw the video later and I’ll just delete it.

Will I get paid to be involved?

No, but I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it interesting to do so.

Will my video, text, or any resulting publications identify who I am?

Not unless you want it to.  If you choose to video your face directly, I won’t edit it out, but you don’t need to do so: we really only need to see the dance move.  I won’t include your name or any identifying details in the words that you send for me to post on the website, nor in any presentations, publications or reports, even if I use a direct quote from you.  Obviously, if you choose to tell me something about yourself that is illegal or that has or is likely to cause harm to someone vulnerable, I might have to tell the appropriate authorities.  But I don’t need that kind of information from you – I’m really just interested in how you relate to the dancing maps.

What will happen after the Being Human festival?

The dancing maps will stay online for comment and discussion.  I’ll give a paper at an academic conference in 2015, thinking more deeply about the process that we’ve been through and what the dancing maps mean.  Based on that presentation, on the event, on the maps and on any feedback I get, I’ll then write an article that will be published in an academic journal aimed mainly at other researchers and academics.

Will I be able to read the academic publications that come out of this? 

Of course!  You can email me for a copy of the journal article.

What if I want to complain about how I’ve been treated?

I hope that you will feel you can email me first if you’re unhappy with something I do: I’m not aiming to upset you in any way and I’ll be happy to make a change if I can.  If you’d rather speak to someone else, you can contact my head of department, Professor David Hannah (email: d.m.hannah@bham.ac.uk)