GAINS Project people

Svalbard Field Party, July 2010. From left to right: Prof Ian Fairchild, Dr Carl Stevenson, Dr Emily McMillan, Dr Mike Petronis, Prof Doug Benn and Prof Mike Hambrey

Who's involved?

The project is being led by Professor Ian Fairchild, Professor and Director of Research within GEES at University of Birmingham. Ian has led a number of international collaborative projects and has published numerous highly cited papers with an emphasis on carbonate geochemistry, glacial, karst/speleothem and Neoproterozoic topics.

Professor Mike Hambrey is Chair of Glaciology at Aberystwyth and has had a distinguished career in glaciology and glacial sedimentology spanning alpine, Himalayan and Andean environments.

Professor Doug Benn is based at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) on secondment from the University of St. Andrews. He is renowned for his work on glacial systems worldwide, including sedimentology, sediment fabrics, landforms, climatology and dynamics.

Dr Carl Stevenson is a lecturer in Earth Sciences at Birmingham University. Carl uses a variety of field and rock magnetic techniques to interpret igneous emplacement and fabrics. He will be applying his knowledge of physical properties and deformation to the study of glacial systems and materials.

Dr Mike Petronis is a lecturer in Geology at the New Mexico Highlands University. He is an expert in palaeomagnetism and rock magnetism with current research projects in Europe, China and the southwestern USA.

Dr Emily McMillan is a carbonate geologist and geochemist and is based at the University of Birmingham as a postdoctoral research fellow.

The project involves a number of national and international collaborators:

  • Dr Ian Parkinson, Co-Investigator, Open University, UK
  • Mr Pierre Bonnand , PDRA , Open University, UK
  • Dr Dan Condon , Co-Investigator , NERC Isotope Geology Laboratory, UK
  • Dr Graham Shields, Co-Investigator, University College London, UK
  • Mr Ed Fleming, Research Student , Birmingham University, UK
  • Associate Professor Huiming Bao , Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dr Galen Halverson , McGill University, USA
  • Dr Adam Maloof , Princeton University, USA
  • Professor Christoph Spötl , University of Innsbruk, Austria
  • Dr Yuri Dublyansky , University of Innsbruk, Austria
  • Associate Professor Chris Hendy , University of Waikato, NZ