We have a high level of equipment for studies of environmental pollution, both in our well equipped laboratories and for field measurements, as well as our mesocosm facilities at the Environmental Change Outdoor Laboratory (ECOLaboratory, Wolfson Glasshouses) and our research forest (BIFoR).

Our sampling instruments are operated world-wide and we have developed the Birmingham Urban Climate Laboratory through deployment of dense instrumentation of the West Midlands conurbation.

Molecular scale

  • Omics facilities
  • Air-pollution labs

Organism scale

  • Daphnia facility
  • Drosphila facility
  • Plant growth chambers etc.
  • Glasshouses (Biosciences, Winterbourne)


Ecosystem level

  • BiFOR
  • Lee Chapman’s sensor network
  • Drones
  • The Birmingham Urban Climate Lab (BUCL)

Planetary level

  • LPJ-GUESS Dynamic Global Vegetation Model
  • 100 Plastic rivers database (forthcoming)