At the cutting edge

Our scientists are at the cutting edge of the 21st-century technologies that are enabling this investigation – namely genomics and metabolomics – and their applications to environmental and human health sciences.

  • Enironmental 'omics - technologyWe are leading an international effort to provide scientific knowledge that will help industry, policy makers and regulators make decisions that better balance economic priorities with the need to protect vital ecosystem services and human health, including new methods for safety assessment.
  • This work was instrumental in our excellent Research Excellence Framework 2014 results for biosciences.
  • This key area of research focuses on understanding the root causes of how chemicals harm organisms including humans. This solution relies on modern technologies that are revolutionising medical sciences.
  • This new research initiative builds upon expertise in cellular, genetic and metabolomic toxicology to understand how organisms respond to environmental stress.

Metabolomics in 60 seconds

Professor Mark Viant of the School of Biosciences describes, in 60 seconds, his research in the area of measuring environmental stress by studying animals at the molecular level