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We are presently recruiting a research fellow to join our team on the ARCANE Prosperity Partnership with Rolls-Royce. Details of the opportunity can be found on the University jobs pages by following the link below:



ARCANE is an exciting collaborative research project between some of the UK’s leading academic institutions, and one of the world’s leading aeroengine manufacturers. The project is researching fundamentals of defect formation during single crystal superalloy casting, particularly secondary grains.  We are also working to advance understanding of how they impact mechanical performance.  As turbines are miniaturised as part of the journey to hybrid electrification of flight this is ever more important.   More details on the ARCANE project can be found here.

The ARCANE research team are recruiting to a number of PhD studentship positions, starting in September 2024.  We are seeking candidates of the highest academic standing to join the cohort. Positions are available at the University of Birmingham and University of Greenwich. All studentships will align to the cutting-edge scientific research ongoing within the ARCANE project.  Projects available include; experimental investigation and modelling of heterogeneous nucleation and solidification, material characterisation and mechanical testing, with supervision from one or more of the ARCANE research investigators. To register your interest in joining our ground breaking research we can be contacted at