Professor David Ellsworth


Professor David Ellsworth will visit Birmingham 30 April – 13 September 2015 and will be hosted by Professor Rob MacKenzie.

The newly-formed Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) is forging close links with other world-leading institutes of forest research, including the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE). Close links between BIFoR and HIE are especially important because these two institutes will run the only examples of forest-scale Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiments for the next decade.

Professor David Ellsworth leads the HIE forest-FACE experiment and is a leading environmental biologist with a world-wide reputation.

Priorities for this first visit are:

  1. Input into the design of the BIFoR FACE experiment
  2. Development of a complementary research agenda between HIE and BIFoR
  3. Joint BIFoR-HIE involvement in European proposals

On top of these priorities, David will contribute to public engagement through public seminars and while at BIFoR, will David with our key academic and non-academic stakeholders, to help build the perception of the two forest-FACE facilities as a single, globally leading, experimental facility.

Professor Ellsworth’s full profile can be found on his webpage.