Professor Shenglin Elijah Chang, National Taiwan University


Professor Shenglin Elijah Chang, Ph.D., Tea Farmer, Professor, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University (NTU), Director, Social Design, NTU-D School Board, NTU Building and Planning Research Foundation

Hosted by Professor Mike Robinson Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage 

October and November 2017

Shenglin received her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 2000, living and teaching in the United States for two decades. She is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning at National Taiwan University and also served as the director for the New Ruralism Research and Development Center. Born in Taiwan, she has developed and implemented innovative approaches to public involvement in environmental issues through civic arts, community design participation, and social-political activism.

If you would like full details of the plans for Professor Chang’s fellowship or would like to meet with her during her visit as an Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow, please email Lauren Rawlins.