Professor Vinothan N. Manoharan



Professor Vinothan N. Manoharan, visiting from Harvard University, will be hosted by Dr Dwaipayan Chakrabarti, School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham during June and July 2017.

Professor Vinothan N. (Vinny) Manoharan, the Wagner Family Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Physics at Harvard University, is a world-renowned experimentalist in colloid science. The Manoharan Lab uses light scattering, optical microscopy, spectroscopy, synthesis and other experimental techniques to understand the fundamentals of self-organization and his standing in the field of colloidal self-assembly is widely acknowledged.

During his visit Professor Manoharan will work with colleagues in the Schools of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy and Chemical Engineering, deepening on-going collaborations. His visit will also facilitate cross-disciplinary interests beyond Engineering and Physical Sciences, in particular, given his recent work on dynamics of virus assembly and self-assembly of nano- and microparticles exploiting DNA, with the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

12-14 July 2017 the Institute of Advanced Studies will host a two-day workshop on the interdisciplinary science of soft biological materials. Further details to follow.

If you are interested in the workshop, would like full details of the plans for Professor Manoharan ‘s fellowship or would like to meet with him during his visit as an Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow, please contact Sue Gilligan